Heavy Steel

Our latest project is quite a departure from our existing library. A fast-pased, frantic arena shooter. Take up to 3 teammates to the arena in vehicular combat inside your own mech.

Play with friends, or alone against bots, each arena contains a number of power-ups and mech enhancements to hopefully give you the edge over your enemies.

This started off as an experiment into multiplayer ready for our next project (unannounced) and soon grew into a game we loved to play... more

Geiriau Gwyllt

This project is a fun word game for all ages. We were concerned about the lack of Welsh language games on mobile devices so decided to give us native Welsh speakers something to flex our wording skills with.

With thousands of words in the games' dictionary, your aim is to create as many words as possible in the time given, not as easy as it sounds as all the letters cascade up the screen.

We wanted to make it a game that would appeal to the whole family, as well as add that competitive play where you are always trying to beat your friends' scores.

Stackimals (Anipeiliaid)

Another fun puzzle game for all ages. The goal in stackimals is to drag the animals as they fall from the sky, then drag them to safety.

Of course things aren't quite that simple, with plenty of obstacles, such as moving platforms, thunder storms, bombs and vanishing platforms to get in your way.

Our goal with Stackimals was to product something the whole family could play, as well as produce a game that native Welsh speakers could play, so the game is available in both Welsh and English from the main menu.


The first game we released to the mobile market was ZombieGP. This was a homage to the old top-down retro games we used to play as kids. Simple controls were the order of the day here, just use left + right to steer our intrepid zombie hero around the track, racing against other Zombies.

The game started life as an iPhone only project, but it soon became aparent there was a huge market out there for Android games. So after a few updates on iOS we decided to release it on the Android store.

Being our first game, it still holds a dear place in our hearts, and a sequel is already in the design stages.

Seasonal Games

We also have 2 seasonal games available on both AppStore and Play Store. These are "Halloween Havoc" and "Christmas Chaos"

Both these games were created specifically for those seasons as really easy pick-up-and-play games, they are considered "endless" games where it's your skill being put to the test to see how long you can survive without hitting the obstacles.

Both these titles were released as completely free games.